We're building Tape It, an app for recording and organising your song ideas. We're a small remote team, based in Stockholm and Berlin. We just launched our app, and are now looking to get musicians to try it. For that, we'd love to have your help!

Content Marketer

Tape It is looking for a content marketer to help us grow our brand. We want you to create content not just around our app, but around helpful tips for music making. This will include tricks for recording, practicing, and interviews with musicians on their songwriting process.

We want Tape It to be a place for high quality content. Take this blog post about tuning your drums, for example. Many people have written about drum tuning, but few explain how to tune your drums to get subharmonics. Even though it sounds niche at first, it is actually a secret to creating a warm and fat sound. If you are a drummer, you certainly would have loved to know that trick before you bought your last kit. That is the kind of content we’re interested in: real, valuable information that you would find interesting yourself, too.

We don’t expect you to know all the content yourself - instead, a large part of your job will be talking to other musicians and experts about their music making process. Songwriters, pop singers, choir conductors, recording engineers - the types of people you’ll interview will be diverse.

As we are a small and young company, we’ll require you to be able to do your own graphics, videos and audio recordings when needed instead of always falling back on our designer. In practice, that shouldn’t sound very scary to you: if you are a musician and have promoted your own music before, you probably already know all these things. And of course, working autonomously doesn’t mean you work alone - it just means you don’t require hand-holding. In return, you’ll get to work in a small team of highly experienced people who can deliver a product at the highest standards.

To apply, please show us three things:

  • You are a musician. Send us a link to some of your music.
  • You have created and promoted content online before, for example your music. Show us your campaign, and tell us something that you learned running it.
  • You have tried Tape It and can explain to us, in your own words, what you like about it. Tape It is our passion project, and we want you to be passionate about it, too.

This job is part-time at first, with a full-time position possible when we hit our growth goals. Our team is located in Stockholm and Berlin, and we all work remotely.

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