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We're building Tape It, an app for recording and organising your song ideas. We're a small remote team, based in Stockholm, Berlin, London and Los Angeles.

Interested in joining us?

We don't have any roles open right now, but if you think you'll fit our team, just write us. After all, we're a small team, not a big corp, and literally just an email away. Here are some key facts about Tape It:

  • Our product is for musicians, and you should be a musician, too.
  • Not everyone is full-time. Some of us want to have time for their kids or work on their next album. Don't hesitate to reach out if you're looking for a part-time or side-gig.
  • We're always looking for help to get our product into the hands of musicians.

And to be a bit more specific:

  • Our marketing strategy targets singers and instrumentalists, not recording engineers.
  • On the engineering side, the app is written in Swift/UIKit. Our backend is based on Rails.
  • We're passionate about research in machine learning and signal processing in audio, with a particular focus on improving audio quality, instrument classification and beat detection.

Now it's your turn to convince us that you should join our team! 🙂 Apply now