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Privacy Policy

We provide our app and our online denoiser for free. The app has optional in-app purchase options. If you use our app or our denoiser, you agree that we can collect and use information as we describe it here.

Access to data on your device

The app itself will ask for access to your microphone, camera, and GPS location. Access to your GPS location is optional, and only used to tag the location of your recordings so you can remember where you recorded them. The camera is used to take pictures that you can attach to recordings. And the microphone access, naturally, is used for recording to begin with.

App data storage

App data is stored on your device and synced to our cloud. It might also be backed up to iCloud as part of your regular iCloud backup if you enabled that. Our cloud runs on Heroku and Amazon Web Services, with all servers and data storage locations being in the European Union. All data is encrypted both in transit and at rest. You can delete all your personal data from our servers at any time - there's a simple "delete everything" button right inside the app.

Data we collect in the app

We collect logging information, error information and metrics in our app. This information is used to find bugs and understand how our software is used. This data can contain your IP address, your device type, whether you enabled accessibility settings on your device, and other anonymous information related to your device. We also log installs, without any personal identifiable information, to get an idea of which ad campaigns that we run on platforms such as Instagram are working.

Here are the privacy policies of the services we use in the app:

Data we collect on our website

We use Plausible for privacy-focused website metrics. That's why you don't see a cookie banner - we don't story any third-party cookies.

Here are the privacy policies of the services we use on our website:

Privacy policy for our denoiser

When you use our denoiser web app, the same privacy policies as for our regular websites apply. In addition, we store the data that you upload on our servers. We need to do that so that our servers can denoise them. We only store the recordings to denoise them, we don't do anything else with them, and we definitely don't sell them to any third party. However, keep in mind that for now, these files are stored indefinitely. That's because we want to enable link sharing of the results, and we don't want links to go stale after a while. The uploaded files are also publicly available to anyone who has the link. However, links consist of random UUIDs and are practically impossible to guess (this is comparable to Dropbox public link sharing).

We use a combination of Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure for hosting our denoiser (thanks to both of them for granting us free server power to do so). Their privacy policies are:


For questions regarding our privacy policy, contact us at