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Record, organise and share your song ideas.

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A new era of recording

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Stereo HD

You're using your headphones, right?!

tape it stereo HD brings your recordings to a whole different level. Get high quality stereo recordings using just your phone. Download the app and try it for free.

Stereo HD requires iPhone Xs, Xr or newer.

Goodbye chaos

Be in control of your library and instantly spot what you’re looking for.

  • Automatic instrument detection
  • Smart waveforms
  • Favorites
  • Notes & images
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Long sessions

tape it breaks long recordings into multiple lines, just like a paragraph of text. You wouldn’t squeeze an essay into a single line either, so why do that with your last band practice?

Skim to and annotate great moments directly in the Time Paragraph. Listening to long sessions has never been easier.

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Media player

Press play, sit back and listen through all your ideas. tape it has full Media Center integration. Works everywhere your phone can connect to, including your car.

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Sometimes the small things make a huge difference. tape it lets you mark moments right when you record them, and saves you a lot of time when reviewing your material.

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Never forget the details.
Write notes to your ideas, or just attach photos - the quickest way to remember your instrument settings.

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The ideal recorder for


Record your lessons, your band practice or your choir, then share it with everyone from the rehearsal.


Made precisely with songwriters in mind. Just record your whole writing session, and mark every great moment. Never again lose a good idea.


Record interviews and mark times worth quoting right when they happen. No need to re-listen to the whole conversation afterwards.


Sample sounds all around you with the best recording quality you can get from the device that’s always with you: your phone.

tape it
Download tape it for free.
Upgrade to stereo HD for $20 per year.
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